Monday – 11am to 10pm

Tuesday – 10am to 11pm

Wednesday – 10am to Midnight

Thursday – 10am to Midnight

Friday – 10am to 1am

Saturday – 10am to 1am

Sunday – 10am to 10pm


Mayfield Ex-Service Club provides easily accessible facilities for the mobility impaired, including parking, ramps, toilets and lifts.

Children are more than welcome at Mayfield Ex-Services Club however must remain in the company of a responsible adult whilst on the premises and must not be permitted to enter those areas of the club restricted to persons 18 and over.


Leaving children unattended within the complex may lead to your being prosecuted and/or excluded from Mayfield Ex-Services Club.


1. Full Membership to Mayfield Ex-Services Club is only available to individuals aged 18 years and over. An applicant will become a member upon completing a Membership Application Form that has been accepted by Management and a membership card will be produced displaying the member’s name, membership number and type of membership.


2. Memberships are granted solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The membership card and benefits cannot be transferred or assigned to any person other than the approved member.


3. An applicant must complete a Membership Application Form and present valid photo identification.


4. The Board of Directors may revoke membership according to the Constitution at any time in which case the membership card must be returned to Mayfield Ex-Services Club and all benefits will be cancelled including complimentaries.


5. Management will resolve any other dispute which arises in connection with a membership, at its sole discretion.


6. To accumulate Bonus Points and complimentaries, you must have your membership card inserted and accepted for play in the gaming machines whilst playing.


7. Members are not permitted to accrue benefits or rewards as a result of play by another person.


8. Management shall not be liable for any unauthorised use of a membership card and the subsequent accumulation and redemption of benefits.


9. In order to exchange Bonus Points for any benefits or reward which management has made available and for which the member has accumulated the required Bonus Points, the member must present their valid membership card plus, if requested, a valid photo identification.


10. Bonus points expire on the 30th of June each year. All complimentary vouchers must be used before the stated expiration date.


11. Lost or stolen complimentary vouchers cannot be replaced.


12. Members must use a confidential 4 digit pin to protect their entitlements. Mayfield Ex-Services Club will not be held responsible for lost or stolen membership cards or points.


13. In the event the member’s membership card is lost/stolen, the member must report it immediately to management. Upon presentation of valid identification, a replacement card will be issued at a cost of $2.00.


14. Management shall not be liable in any way for the unavailability of Bonus Points which fail to accumulate as the result of a malfunction, operator fault, misrepresentation or any other reason. Management has no obligation to make available to the member Bonus Points which fail to accumulate.


15. Membership benefits or privileges are not redeemable for cash.


16. Management may suspend or terminate programs or promotions at any time without notice. In the event that a program or promotion ceases to operate, all benefits accumulated, which have not been exchanged for rewards, will be canceled 30 days after issuing the notice to members.


17. At any time the value of Bonus Points may be varied without notice.


18. In the case of the death of a member, his/her benefits and privileges (including Bonus Points) will lapse automatically.


19. Discounts offered for Full Membership are not available in conjunction with all special events and functions.


20. Management reserves the right to limit a Member’s participation in any or all rewards, promotions and benefits at any time.


21. Members consent to Management’s internal use of personal information collected as a result of a Mayfield Ex-Services Club membership. This information may be used as part of Management’s commitment to responsible gambling.


22. These terms and conditions of membership and any terms and conditions communicated in any other membership material, including promotions, may be changed, amended or varied at any time by management in its absolute discretion without giving a reason and without notice.


23. Use of the membership card by a member indicates acceptance of the rules, terms and conditions of membership.


24. Without prejudice to any other mode of proof, by signature on the Membership Application Form, a member accepts these terms and conditions, and agrees to be bound by them.

All visitors to Mayfield Ex-Services Club are required to be clean and tidy and attired appropriately. We reserve the right to refuse entry to patrons considered improperly or inappropriately dressed.


As a guideline, the following items of dress are not acceptable for entry:


Singlets, tank tops or sleeveless tops (on males). Work clothing, torn, unclean or untidy clothing Clothing with obscene or offensive language or depictions. Gym-wear, beach-wear, swimsuits. No caps or hats are permitted except for medical or religious reasons. Bare Feet. Work and soiled clothing.

Persons under 18 years of age are prohibited from entering the bar and gaming areas.


Upon entry the Club, you will be requested to provide the following documents to confirm your age & residential details.


Please note your identification will be scanned upon entry.


Acceptable forms of ID are :


– Australian Photo Driver’s license

– RTA Proof of Age card

– Valid passport.

Mayfield Ex-Services Club (“the Club”) acknowledges and respects the privacy of individuals, including members, visitors and employees of the Club. The Club is subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 which contains the National Privacy Principles that set standards for the handling of personal information.


The Club will adhere to the National Privacy Principles in collecting information from you and in storing and maintaining that information. The Club will only collect information necessary for the Club’s purposes. Any personal information provided by you to the Club, including information collected by: (a) Completion of a Club Membership Application Form; (b) A membership card being placed in a Club gaming machine or other machine that is linked to a member loyalty system; (c) Security surveillance cameras placed in the Club; (d) any other method which the Club may from time to time adopt; will be protected by the Club, using all reasonable means necessary to protect such information from misuse and loss.


The Club will not disclose your personal information to any other organisation or person unless it is required by law to do so. The Club may disclose personal information to relevant authorities if it reasonably believes that there is a threat either to an individual’s life, health or safety, or to public health or safety. In addition, if the Club has reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in, the Club may disclose personal information to the relevant authorities as a necessary part of any investigation or report.


The Club may disclose your personal information to third parties that provide services under contract to the Club. All such contracts require the third party to keep any personal information provided by the Club secure and confidential.


You have a right on reasonable notice given to the Club to access any personal information that the Club may hold about you.


Your personal information may be used by the Club for its own purposes, including ensuring the safety of members and guests, to protect the property of the Club, to improve the Club’s services, to provide members and guests with the latest information about those services and for marketing purposes.

Responsible gambling occurs in a regulated environment where the potential for harm associated with gambling is minimised and people make informed decisions about their participation in gambling.


Mayfield Ex-Services Club is committed to responsible gaming. We don’t want to see anyone lose more than they can afford. So we urge all customers to bet carefully. Set yourself a limit and stick to that limit. Never borrow money to gamble. Mayfield Ex-Services Club urges you to stick to these basic rules and gambling will remain an enjoyable activity.


Mayfield Ex-Services Club encourages anyone who thinks that they may have a gambling problem to call the G- line (NSW) telephone counselling service on 1800 633 635. This service is available 24 hours per day / 7 days per week and provides a counselling service. Patrons can receive expert advice in a range of community languages including Chinese and Vietnamese.


Confidential counselling and assistance is just a phone call away.

Mayfield Ex-Services Club is 100% committed to providing customers with a safe and secure entertainment environment. The responsible service of alcohol to customers is an integral part of this commitment.


Mayfield Ex-Services Club reserves the right to refuse entry to people who are disorderly or are displaying signs of undue intoxication.


The supply of alcohol is not permitted to underage, disorderly or unduly intoxicated customers.


It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.


Underage, disorderly or unduly intoxicated customers are not permitted to consume alcohol whilst on the property.


Entertainment programs encourage customers to have a good time, without overindulging in alcohol.

This Club is required by law to make available to its members information that relates to the management and financial administration of the club including:

  1. A register of disclosures made by the directors and employees of the club
  2. Details of the overseas travel made by the directos and the employees of the club
  3. Details of loans given by the club to employees
  4. Details of contracts of employment of top executives
  5. Details of the payments made by the club for consultant services
  6. Details of legal settlements made by the club with a director or employee of the club.
  7. Details of legal fees paid by the club for a director or employee of the club.
  8. The club’s annual gaming machine profit
  9. The amount applied by the club to community development and support
  10. Details of training completed, or exemptions claimed, by a director, club secretary or manager of the club.



The club must provide quarterly financial statements to its board for adoption, and make them available to members, including:

  1. The club’s profit and loss accounts and trading accounts for the quarter, and
  2. A balance sheet as at the end of the quarter


Mex Club is now Re-Opened! See here for current entry conditions