Member Kiosk


Our member kiosk lets you see your account balance, points, any vouchers or coupons you have available.


These vouchers and coupons are directly linked to your account and can be redeemed at any till without needing a printed coupon.


You can convert your points to Platinum Express from the new kiosk or you can use the standalone Platinum Express kiosk. 


Simply swipe your card and press “My Account”. Check the “Wallet” Tab for vouchers, and the “Prizes” tab for prizes awarded. Your Turbo points balance can be used for purchases in the club or transferred to Platinum Express.


You can play daily games to win vouchers, prizes and bonus points.


Best of all, you can now buy Raffle Tickets directly from the kiosk – and you can pay with points, or you can by by EFTPOS.


This feature is available only when raffle tickets are on sale. Of course you can still purchase raffle tickets at the bar if you prefer.

Mex Club is now Re-Opened! See here for current entry conditions